Event Sponsorship Overview

From initial discovery sessions to activation, to fulfillment report, a Funtastic Sponsorship is about far more than a sign on a fence or the benefit we bring to the community; it’s about collaborating on creativity, excellence and innovation.

It’s about a strategic partner who identifys your marketing and business goals and helps you achieve them. It’s about delivering results and fulfilling agreements, on and off the field.

Find out how your company can become part of the action today by contacting us directly at office@funtastic.org

Sponsorship Mission:

To support the goals and objectives of our sponsors as aligned with the mission of the Funtastic Sports Society.

Partnership Benefits

  • Enhance Your Brand Loyalty
    • Create a direct link between your customers and Funtastic- a product they really care about. Remember, your loyal customers are your most valuable asset.
  • Create Product Awareness and Visibility
    • Benefit from the mass exposure generated by Funtastic. We are proud to host over 4,500 passionate slo-pitch participants and 18,000 music fans during our 4-day festival.
  • Ties to a Prestigious Property
    • Partner with Funtastic to gain a unique level of credibility in the business community. A link to Funtastic provides a corporation with an authentic connection to a unique, energetic and trusted Vernon institution.
  • Reinforce Your Image
    • Leverage your brand in the marketplace by launching a tailored sponsorship plan with Funtastic.
  • Exclusivity Available
    • Lead the pack with an exclusive sponsorship agreement. The Funtastic Sports Society can grant category exclusivity to its sponsors, partners or advertisers.
  • Motivate Your Target Audience
    • Partner with the Funtastic Sports Society to create and activate a unique turnkey promotion enabling your company to directly engage a receptive target audience.

We invite you to explore how a partnership with the Funtastic Sports Society can help you meet your company’s business sponsorship objectives.

Please contact the Funtastic Office for Sponsorship Opportunities.

Phone: 250-558-7756

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