Sunday Music Line up


Canada’s Favourite Rock N’ Roll Salute

There are tribute bands and then there’s BCDC.  They were born of bush party ashes in the summer of 1999.  Over 1000 unexpected gigs later Canada’s BC/DC has systematically redefined the concept of tribute band, garnering iconic status amongst diehard fans, agents, and venues from Vancouver BC to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  From the backyard biker bashes of Ymir, to the star-studded legendary rooms of Las Vegas. From Nelson to Shanghai.

While a web search will turn up dozens of AC/DC cover acts around the work, there aren’t likely many who’ve so successfully branded the Aussie band’s timeless raunch with such epic rock n’ roll fury, while also managing to bottle the essence of a wild frontier lifestyle.  

Unlike many tribute acts claiming to be “North America’s #1 Clone” or “Just Like the Real Thing”, BC/DC has turned the tables.  The band takes a comedic approach, claiming the tunes as their own, and to having “heard of some BC/DC tribute bands from Australia”.  They rarely give factual interviews to big city press. Adding to the schtick, the band members all go by comic aliases – lead singer Brendan Raftery’s Brian “Bon” Johnscottson paying respects to both AC/DC’s famous frontmen.  It’s working.  It’s the gift that keeps on giving.

BC/DC’s live show has become a legendary, and necessary, “rite-of-passage” amongst their unwavering supporters and believers.  With over-the-top stage energy, they deliver every last note of all the classic songs with absolute authority.  You get tired just watching them.  BC/DC is heavily rooted in the Bon Scott-era catalogue (Dirty Deeds, TNT, Jailbreak, Let There Be Rock), but also covers AC/DC’s second “golden era” with all the essentials: Back in Black, For Those About to Rock Hells Bells, and many more.  Hey there’s always another AC/DC tune, and BC/DC always seems more than eager to blast it out.

It’s about a maniac lead guitarist who occasionally enjoys wearing an Evel Knievel suit. It’s about a front man from the back alley, born to be a Rock n’ Roll Singer.  Feature Film appearances and Original Soundtracks.  A 16 minute rockumentary tour-de-force, entitled “Revoltage” shown at independent film festivals around the world. And fans keep chugging it down.

BC/DC could be considered a small business success story. Hell, they may be eligible for some type of entrepreneurial award.  The band’s cumulative business savvy is obvious in it’s spot-on marketing.  With annual website visits in the millions, and worldwide merchandise sales “doing well”, the unmistakable, yet double-take BC/DC wordmark adorns the t-shirts of many well-known celebrities, major sports figures and your local neighbourhood stuck-in-the-eighties headbanger.

It’s also emblazoned on the Zamboni of the band’s hometown hockey rink, on the jerseys of a local youth soccer team, and on a 1968 Monaco Wagon/Pro Drag Car affectionately named “Demonico”. Cool, eh?

Think about it. Do you know any other tribute band that has been the answer to a crossword puzzle in the Vancouver Province newspaper? Or the answer to a trivia question in Air Canada’s “En Route” in-flight magazine.  Didn’t think so. 

If there’s a Canadian cultural export any rowdier than Nelson British Columbia’s BC/DC, you can be your axe lead guitarist Marc the Sharc will hang up his Gibson SG in shame.  Legendary shows. Empty beer fridges. Attendance records, Ringing Ears.

Remember the first time you believed in rock n’ roll?   Welcome Back

Barracuda Heart Tribute

Barracuda (Bio) Celebrating the music of Heart and Led Zeppelin Barracuda are from Vancouver BC, the city where Heart was fully formed and recorded their first two albums. Combining all of Heart’s greatest hits from rockers to ballads but also covering Led Zep material which Heart did and still does. In fact they were nicknamed Little Zep. The Ladies of Barracuda Led by four octave powerhouse vocalist D.L. Car; who is an Ann Wilson purist vocally and she also plays flute and acoustic guitar. Both Roger Fisher, Heart’s original lead guitarist and co-songwriter, and his brother Michael, Heart’s sound -tech, manager and Ann’s boyfriend who the song Magic Man was written about have both gone on record stating that D.L. Car is vocally the closest to Ann Wilson they have ever heard and they have seen many! Roger has made guest appearances with Barracuda many times over the past 10 years. Barracuda searched far and wide for a perfect Nancy Wilson persona, and found the perfect candidate in Sarah Moon who resides in Portland OR, Sarah brings her musical talents along with a physical presence to the stage. The Barracuda Boys Ray Roper transcends into Roger Fisher with his guitar prowess and also adds vocals and keyboards. Darryl Hebert brings a wealth of versatility playing the electric and acoustic guitars, keytar, keyboards, Banjo, mandolin and vocals. Rick Fedyk on drums has been touring with the Paul Rodgers band for the past 10 years replacing Jason Bonham. Todd Ronning is the bassist not only for the Paul Rodgers band but also for Bad Company with whom Todd has been touring with for the past 12 years.

Angie Heinze Band

Angie Heinze is the owner/operator of Solo Entertainment and has been in the entertainment industry since 2003.  Along with her career in radio, Angie has been providing honest, reputable exceptional and affordable DJ and entertainment services since its inception.  Work of mouth and countless referrals keep her business busy year round, along with quality, reliable and exceptional customer service and a positive attitude.  Ange is currently a national radio host/producer at 98.3CIFM and B100 in Kamloops, and is current with new music, but also has a huge passion and a vast knowledge of the oldies and classics.

Angie has been singing with various bands since the age of 19.  After competing in Canadian Idol several times, she started her professional singing career with a classic rock band called Yellowhead Trip and later with her retro tribute show band Bombshella which rose to popularity performing shows on big stages at festivals and stadiums.  She currently fronts 3 music projects today: Angie Heinze Band, Buck Wild and Blonde Voyage and is passionate about operating a successful entertainment business, performing live music, and her work on the radio at 98.3 CIFM& B100 and many other stations across Canada.

Angie is also a huge animal lover and supports many local charities with Solo Entertainment.

Dying Breed

The title Dying Breed was decided upon with one common variable in mind: Rare individuals.  Each member of the band along with their following identify with being the odd ones out, the out case, the rarity of each group they’ve been apart of.  “A dying breed” was the perfect way to describe how they felt in modern day society.

Dying breed is not just a band. They are a family, a community and a stage for any voice of someone who has felt alone or different.  They praise the different, the rejects, the sore thumbs, the out casts.  They as a family not only make music but they stand up for their community and the people in it. 

Stay Strayed