Thursday Lineup


Shawn Lightfoot Band

THE SHAWN LIGHTFOOT BAND is one of the Okanagan’s most popular must-see live cover bands.

Shawn Lightfoot Band is a 4-piece high-octane powerhouse that will to take you on an energy-packed musical journey you won’t soon forget. The band is highly acclaimed for pumping out high-energy hits all night long.
The band has played on the big stage opening for headlining acts such as Platinum Blonde and Big Sugar. Performing a vast and diverse range of hits covering Rock to Country to Pop, the group has become renowned for creating an authentic and engaging musical experience.

As one of the most intensely charismatic live acts, this is a show you don’t want to miss.

“The Shawn Lightfoot Band” features veteran performers Shawn Lightfoot (Vocals/Guitar), Dennis Marcenko (Bass/Vocals),  Roman Picco (Keyboards/Vocals) and Kevin Lane (Drums/Vocals)

Get ready for an inspiring and memorable live show!

DJ Lunchboxx

Never in history has music been more diverse than it is now. Offering so much variety within the traditional genres and with the advent of new styles such as EDM Artists are giving new life to old classics and the good ones are hitting it out of the park with their renditions.

Introducing DJ Lunchboxx a man who can play for 5 or 5000. A DJ an artist with a servitude attitude for his fans. His style would be best described as a tour guide leading you on a mysterious yet surprising familiar journey of older bangers and new heat within the vehicle of a musical performance.

The incredible thing about the Lunchboxx experience is one moment you find yourself thinking this is AWESOME and how in the hell did he get me here? What’s next? Then boom –pivot… ah here we go again… Lunchboxx!!

He adapted his own style from his musical influences, classics from before he was born to new artists. His sets are a tribute to good music. Like us he’s a fan first and it shines throughout his performances. A historian a trend setter a musical ninja.

Anyone can play music, but few can play professionally. Dj Lunchboxx is a blossoming world class talent. You can count on a positive, inclusive upbeat performance when he steps up to the tables. Suitable for a diversified audience. Only if you like to sing, dance and smile that is.