Funtastic 2024 Rules & Regulations

NSA Canada Rules will apply

With the following exceptions and/or amendments:

1. HOME TEAM is determined by a coin toss.

2. GAME BALLS are provided by your Funtastic Umpire. 12″ ‘Optic yellow’ balls are to be used.


a) ALL games must start at or before their official scheduled game time.

b) No grace periods are given. No exceptions.

c) Games may begin earlier than their scheduled game time if the field and umpire are available.

d) Games are 7 innings or a maximum of 1 hour 15 minutes long–whichever happens first.

e) In Round Robin Play, no new inning shall start after 1 hour 5 minutes.

f) All games must end in time for the next game on that diamond to start at its scheduled time.

g) Teams are responsible for keeping track of their game time limit. Umpires may not advise re: time issues. (e.g.: “Last inning”’, “Time is running out”) nor should they be expected to do so.

h) Due to strict game schedules and limited playing time, no ‘warm-up’ balls are allowed.

i) Tossing the game ball around the bases is permitted once per inning per team.

j) A “BALL” will be awarded to the batter for any ball not returned directly to the pitcher once the umpire calls “Time” or after any pitch not deemed the third strike or fourth ball.

4. MAXIMUM 3 OUTS or 5 RUNS per team per inning–whichever happens first:

a) Only the seventh inning or any inning that starts more than one hour after the scheduled start time will be “OPEN”, having no run maximum.

b) If an “Open” inning cannot be completed within the allotted 1 hour 15 minute time limit, the final score will revert to the score recorded at the end of the last completed inning.

5. PITCHING: Funtastic follows NSA pitching rules with the following amendments:

a) Pitchers may take no more than 3 warm-up pitches at the start of their first inning and then none thereafter.

b) Any new pitcher who has not already pitched in the game will be allowed 3 warm-up pitches then none thereafter.

c) Pitchers may take no more than ONE step (in any direction) during the pitch. Their pivot foot must be in contact with the ground as they release the ball.

d) Pitches must be delivered from between 50 and 60 feet away from home plate and must reach an arc of between 6 and 10 feet from the ground.

e) Any pitch not meeting the criteria in Rule 5 a., b., c., d., or e. is an “Illegal Pitch”. The Funtastic Umpire will indicate “Delayed Dead Ball” and, if not swung at, the completed illegal pitch will be declared a “Ball”.

f) If a batter swings at an illegally pitched ball, the “Illegal Pitch” is nullified, normal batting rules apply and the ball is in play. A strike is called if the batter swings and misses.

g) STRIKE MATS must be used and must cover Home Plate. Any legally pitched ball which first contacts any portion of the mat will be called a strike.


a) All players must be a minimum of 16 years of age. No exceptions.

b) Players must be listed on only ONE roster and must participate with only ONE team during the full Funtastic tournament including play-off rounds.

c) Funtastic is a NSA Co-ed 6/4 format. A team may field or bat no more than 6 males and a minimum of 3 females. Any player may play any defensive position regardless of gender.

d) The NSA “Extra Player” rules apply;

• If using Extra Players (EP), you MUST add one player of each gender (to a maximum of 12 batters). No exceptions.

• If Extra Players are used, any ten players (and no more than 6 males) in the batting order may play defense.

e) Any team unable to field a minimum of 9 players (3 of whom MUST be female) at the scheduled game time will forfeit that game. The non-offending team is awarded a ‘10-0’ win.

f) If a team can only field 9 players (3 of whom must be female) at the scheduled game time, the game may be played but the 10th batter is an automatic out. An eligible player who becomes available may become the 10th batter and will cancel the automatic out.

g) Any team unable to field a minimum of 9 players or 3 females at any time before or during a game, (e.g.: due to an ejection, injury or removal of a player) forfeits that game. The nonoffending team is awarded a 10-0 win.

h) If both teams are unable to field a minimum of 9 players and/or 4 females, the game is scored a ‘0-0’ tie.


a) We are playing a 6-4 format with no restrictions on the batting order ie: You can bat all males first and then all females last or mix the order up in any way you see fit. (Teams no longer have to worry about having 3 males in a row, this is now acceptable). Keep in mind if a female follows a male and the male is walked, the male gets second base and the female has the option to bat or take first base.

b) There is no limit to the number of males or females who may bat in succession.


a) An unlimited number of substitutions is allowed.

b) Any player in the starting line-up may re-enter the game one time only and MUST return to their original position in the batting order.

c) A starting player and their substitute(s) must NOT be in the batting order at the same time.

9. ANY MALE BATTER WHO IS WALKED, regardless of the count:

a) When followed in the batting order by a female, he is awarded second base. The female batter may opt to bat or to take first base.

b) If followed by an automatic out, he is awarded first base. The automatic out is nullified and the next batter (male or female) must bat.


a) Courtesy runners may be used.

b) All courtesy runners must be female.

c) No player may be a courtesy runner more than once in any game.

11. HOME RUN RULE (for fully fenced diamonds only):

a) There is no limit to the number of over-the-fence Home Runs that may be scored in a game.

b) The first two batters (male or female) from each team to hit over-the-fence home runs become the designated home run hitters and are the only batters allowed to hit home runs during that game.

c) ALL home runs hit by non-designated home run hitters are charged as an “Out”.

d) Any eligible player who substitutes for a designated home run hitter becomes a designated homerun hitter.

12. NO BUNTING is allowed.

a) ALL bunts are to be charged as an “Out”. ALL runners must return to the base they occupied prior to the pitch.


a) Any baserunner who loses contact with his or her base for any reason before the pitched ball is hit, has touched the strike mat or ground or is caught may be called out.


Effect: Time is called, the runner is “Out”, the ball is dead, a “no pitch” is declared, and all runners must return to the base they occupied prior to the pitch.


Runners may advance only after the ball is hit.

15. SLIDING: Is permitted at all bases EXCEPT to or over the ‘Safe Scoring Line’. Any runner who slides to or over the ‘Safe Scoring Line’ is to be called “Out”.


To obtain an out is permitted at all bases.


a) The purpose of the ‘Safe Scoring Line’ is to minimize the chance of collisions or contact between defensive players and runners who are attempting to score.

b) The ‘Safe Scoring Line’ will extend from the top left (3rd base) corner of home plate to the backstop and be parallel to the 1st base line.

c) Runners attempting to score must not be tagged while off base or must contact the ground on or past the ‘Safe Scoring Line’ before the ball is caught and held by a fielder who is in contact with any portion of the strike mat or they will be called ‘Out’.

d) It is the runner’s responsibility to avoid collisions with ALL defensive players at all times and to the best of their ability.

e) Any player who makes forceful contact (incidental or otherwise) with any other player or any runner who makes contact with a defensive player while they are touching home plate are ‘Out’ and may be subject to ejection.

f) Any runner who touches home plate or the strike mat under any circumstances while attempting to score is ‘Out’. No exceptions.

NOTE: These safety rules will be strictly enforced.

Should a Funtastic Umpire deem any incident to be a deliberate act or an attempt to injure, the offender will be ejected from the game and may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.


a) A player wearing metal spikes is to be removed from the game immediately. They are allowed no more than 5 minutes to replace the offending shoes with suitable footwear or they will not be allowed to play in that game.

b) A substitute player may be used. If no substitute is available, the offending players position in the batting order becomes an automatic ‘Out’.

c) If no substitute is available and the team is subsequently unable to field a minimum of 9 players (3 of whom must be female), the game is to be declared a forfeit per Rule 6G.

19. The INFIELD FLY rule is in effect.


a) Your Funtastic Umpire is the sole judge of whether or not a thrown or batted ball has entered ‘out of play’ territory or is a fair or foul ball.

b) Once a ball goes out of play, time is called, the ball is dead, all play ceases and the Funtastic Umpire will advance all runners accordingly, if appropriate.

c) Runners may advance on a caught fly ball, fair or foul, but must remain in contact with the base until (or return to re-tag the base after) the ball is first touched by a fielder or be in jeopardy of being put ‘Out’.

Exception: If a ball is batted foul on the 3rd strike, the ball is dead, the batter is out and all runners must return to the last base they occupied prior to the pitch.


a) If a team is leading by 10 or more runs after 5 completed innings or if the Home Team is ahead by 10 or more runs at any time after 4 1/2 innings, the game is over and the score at that point is the final score.

b) In ALL games (round robin and/or play-off), the game is over as soon as the winning run is scored. Teams do not continue to bat.


a) In Round Robin play, any game tied at the end of regulation play or when the game is declared completed by the umpire remains a tie.

b) In Play-off Rounds ONLY, any game tied at the end of regulation play will continue into extra innings until a winner is declared. In each half inning, the team at bat will start with a runner at second base. The runner assigned to second base must be the person who precedes in the batting order the first person to legally bat in their half of the inning.


a) Both teams should have a scorekeeper. However, the HOME team (as determined by the coin toss) will hold and maintain the official scoresheet.

b) When calculating team standings, the maximum run differential (that is, your score versus your opponents score in that game) will be plus or minus (+ or -) 10 runs.

c) Except when a forfeit or ‘spoiled’ scoresheet is declared, the final score for a complete game or for any game ended due to time limits, rain, schedule restrictions or any other circumstances cited by the Funtastic Umpire or tournament officials reverts to the score recorded by the official scorekeeper at the end of the last completed inning.

d) The winning team is responsible for making sure the official scoresheet is completed fully and legibly and is signed by the Funtastic Umpire. The Funtastic Umpire will verify the score and check to make sure the winning team, final score, field, scheduled game time and division are properly recorded on the official scoresheet.

e) The winning team must submit the completed scoresheet to the Official Scoring Desk within 45 minutes of the scheduled end of the game.

f) Should the winning team fail to obtain the Funtastic Umpires’ signature, or if any of the scoresheet information is incomplete or illegible, or if the scoresheet is submitted more than 45 minutes after the scheduled end of the game, the scoresheet may be declared ‘spoiled’, the game recorded as a ‘0-0’ tie and the game points awarded accordingly.


a) Standings and placement for play-off rounds are determined by the Win/Loss record acquired during round robin games: Win=2 points, Loss=0 points, Tie=1 point.

b) If 2 teams in the same division have identical point totals at the end of Round Robin play, their placement is determined by the result of their head-to-head game(s).

c) If 2 or more teams are tied after round robin play and head-to-head results are not conclusive, standings and placement for the play-off rounds will be determined by (in order and until standings are determined):

i. Largest accumulated plus/minus differential during Round Robin

ii. If still tied, head-to-head performance of remaining teams.

iii. If still tied, fewest total runs against.

iv. If still tied, head-to-head performance of remaining teams.

v. If still tied, a coin toss.


Your Funtastic umpires will, of course, do their utmost to apply all rules fairly and impartially. Their decisions and rulings will be final. Only if absolutely necessary, the Funtastic Umpire-in-Chief (in consultation with the Funtastic Rules Committee) may make final rulings on disputes arising from the interpretation and application of NSA Canada rules and/or these amendments.


a) In the event of a major storm, inclement weather or any other unsafe condition with no timely relief or improvement expected, the Funtastic Umpire-in-Chief (in consultation with the Funtastic Tournament Committee) may cancel any or all scheduled games.

b) All games canceled prior to their scheduled start time will not be rescheduled and are scored as a 10-10 tie.

c) Notwithstanding Rule 26a, the assigned Funtastic Umpire has SOLE DISCRETION whether or not field conditions are unsafe and/or unplayable. The final score for any game discontinued or ended by the Funtastic Umpire after the game has started but before it is completed is the score at the end of the last completed inning. No minimum number of innings need be played.

d) Unless otherwise officially advised by the Umpire-in-Chief or Funtastic Tournament Officials and despite the possibility of inclement weather or suspected unsafe conditions, all teams must be at their assigned field and be ready to play at their scheduled game time.

e) If both teams are unable to field a minimum of 9 players or 3 females each, rule 6H applies. The game is scored a ‘0-0’ tie.

f) If one team is able to field a minimum of 9 players (including 3 females) and their opponent is not, the team with the requisite number of players is awarded a ’10-0′ win.

g) If inclement weather prevails but the assigned Funtastic Umpire and both teams agree that conditions will allow them play their game safely, the game may begin. However, the Funtastic Umpire has SOLE DISCRETION whether or not to discontinue or cancel the game at any time, in which case the final score reverts to the score recorded at the end of the last completed inning. No minimum number of innings need be played.


a) The possession and/or consumption of alcohol are permitted ONLY in the beer gardens.

b) Any player, spectator or visitor found in possession of and/or consuming alcohol or any other prohibited substance, on or near any Funtastic Event grounds with the exception of legally purchased beverages in the beer gardens, will be subject to immediate expulsion from all further participation in any Funtastic Events.

c) The team associated with any offender(s) found to be in contravention of Rules 27A or 27B will be subject to the forfeiture of their game(s) and all accumulated points.

d) All players, participants, spectators and visitors are expected to know and understand these policies and ALL are expected to police themselves accordingly.

e) ALL containers brought onto Funtastic Event grounds and are suspected to contain alcohol or any other prohibited substance are subject to inspection by the RCMP and/or Security personnel. Refusal to allow inspection will result in immediate expulsion from any further Funtastic Event participation and immediate confiscation.


PLEASE NOTE: The RCMP, Military Police and security personnel will be patrolling all Funtastic grounds, parking lots, fields and dugouts expressly looking for liquor and other prohibited substances. There is ZERO TOLERANCE for the possession and/or consumption of alcohol or prohibited substances on public property.