2018 Division Winners

Congratulations to all the division winners! We hope to see you at next year’s tournament!

Division B:
Winners: Nemesis
Runner ups: Funseekers

Division C:
Winners: Mound Pounders
Runner ups: Old Dawgs

Division D:
Winners: Knob Gobblers
Runner ups: The Losers

Division E:
Winners: Globetrotters
Runner ups: Big Meats

Division F:
Winners: Keys in the Bowl
Runner ups: 604 Play

Division G:
Winners: Big League Choo
Runner ups: Blue Ballerss

Division H:
Winners: 3 Pitchers In
Runner ups: Huston Heros

Division I:
Winners: W4L
Runner ups: Dusty Mitts

Division J:
Winners: Pop Tarts
Runner ups: Crop Dusters

Division K:
Winners: Hitting on Your Mom
Runner ups: Unwanted Assassins